Il futuro appartiene a coloro che credono
alla bellezza dei propri sogni
The unforgettable moments need to be kept for saving precious memories. So Dimora delle Balze teaches to our guests the best skills in order to learn in a weekend the principal techniques of photography and other Arts. The Academies mean much more... Who appreciates the traditional Cuisine will experience Cooking and Pastries Classes. Enjoy your passions!
Your time is precious: you will pamper yourself with many activities specially thought for you, in order to combine comfort with your desire for discovery. Only few kilometers far from Dimora delle Balze you will find the wonderful UNESCO world heritage site of Palazzolo Acreide and you will discover that the entire province of Siracusa safeguards priceless art and beauty masterpieces. Dive yourself into wonder: your need to learn new things and to experience the best will be supported by our staff, also thanks to the Accademies. Professionals and experts will share with you their know-how through lessons where creativity will marry excellence. Everything you want is already here in Dimora delle Balze.
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