Culinary Workshop

With the culinary workshop of the chef Christian Mandura, Dimora delle Balze offers an immersion in the flavours of Sicily through lessons that reflect an idea of cuisine understood as master art. The culinary workshop will last for 3 days: from 26th to 28th April 2019 and it will be offered to Dimora delle Balze guests. With Christian Mandura the protagonists of the workshop will be the traditional dishes of the island, prepared with the products harvested in the vegetable garden of the estate.

“We only use poor raw materials. I think the biggest job the chef of the future is going to do is go around, get to know the producers. Cooking is not enough anymore. We need to know who’s behind the vegetable box, how was made, how many lives are contained in. In this way our work becomes significant, so dishes acquire added value”

-Christian Mandura


Dimora delle Balze

Is the perfect place for a magical event. The surrounding nature captivates all the senses, nourishing body and soul. An estate with a contemporary design, in which Mediterranean scents and perfumes blend. It is the ideal place to find yourself, your home, your roots.
A dream to live in.
The unforgettable moments need to be kept for saving precious memories. So Dimora delle Balze teaches to our guests the best skills in order to learn in a weekend the principal techniques of photography and other Arts. The Academies mean much more… Who appreciates the traditional Cuisine will experience Cooking and Pastries Classes.
Enjoy your passions!

Che cos’è per noi la bellezza?
Ricerca del dettaglio, cura dei particolari, sperimentazione estetica, design.
Armonia di forme e di colori, ricercatezza ed eleganza.
Un’alchimia di sfumature e di profumi.

 Un’emozione da vivere.


The Dimora is composed of 11 rooms of different sizes, from 20 to 45 square metres, each with different colours and designs, specifically designed for them. Each room has its own concept and a story to tell…



Dimora delle Balze is a magical place with a great evocative power. The estate is situated between two of the most attractive Sicilian cities: Noto and Siracusa. The owner, Elena Lops, is specialised in author scenic designs and together with her coworkers, she tries to satisfy every kind of request…