INTIME, Nina Carini



di Luca Guadagnino

Emma and Tancredi Recchi are an upper middle class couple from Lombardy. Married for many years without ever having loved each other, they spend their monotonous existence in a splendid villa in the heart of Milan with their three children, Elisabetta, Edoardo and Gianluca. While Gianluca is his father’s pride, destined to one day take his place, Edoardo, Emma’s favourite, disappoints Tancredi’s every expectation with his idealism. When Edoardo throws himself headlong into yet another adventure by taking over a restaurant together with his friend Antonio, a young and talented chef from humble origins, as usual Emma sides with him. The arrival of Antonio, his creativity and his smile will turn the Recchi family’s life around, awakening in Emma the power of love…