Every dish has its own story.
A story that is told through ingredients from our Mother Earth.
They speak and they do so quietly, through sweet and salty flavors, through sour and delicate notes.

Mine, wants to be a tale of Sicily, that traces thousands of years of history and tradi- tion, through a tasting path that embraces the roots and the different places of the island.
Each of my compositions is inspired by a story.

Each combination tells of a present or past time in which the simplicity, refinement and value of raw materials echo.

I use only first-quality ingredients, some of which are grown in the fields of the Dimora delle Balze estate, organically and with full respect for the seasonality and rhythms of nature. I have built a network of relationships with the best suppliers on the island and I thank them for sharing their universe with me.

The attention is to detail.


Enjoy you tasting,

H.19:30 – 22:30
Reservation at lumia@dimoradellebalze.com
Phone number  09311805361