The Dimora is composed of 11 rooms of different sizes, from 20 to 45 square metres, each with different colours and designs, specifically designed for them. Each room has its own concept and a story to tell. The names chosen for the rooms refer to Sicilian works and artists, from cinema to art, from poetry to opera. In this way, the property wanted to pay homage to the extraordinary performers who made the name of this wonderful region great all over the world.

As to the floors, handmade cementines from Morocco have been designed in different forms and Mediterranean colours, such as mid-blue grey and the shades of green.

Seven rooms are situated in the central court and each of them has a terrace, from which you can overlook the first court, and you have the possibility to interact with the other estate guests, as if you were in an ancient village. Inside the Dimora we find two special rooms: one is situated in the manger, while the other is set on the little tower from which you can see Viale dei Carrubi, the Valley and the swimming pool. In the manor house there are four rooms with original ceilings and elegant furniture, all of them with a beautiful view of the valley, while two of them have a private terrace, an intimate area with a view of the nearby wood.

Inside these scenographic residences you can breathe the atmosphere of the local workshops and of the manufacturer productions of the place, that in a blend of elegance and welcoming give a sense of belonging and family.

L'Annunciata (the announced)

Antonello Da Messina

Autoritratto (Self-portrait)

Renato Guttuso

La Sconosciuta (the stranger)

Giuseppe Tornatore

Coro Spezzato (broken choir)

Rosa Barba

Punto e Virgola (semicolon)

Emilio Isgrò

Mal Giocondo

Luigi Pirandello


Salvatore Quasimodo

Proibito (forbidden)

Frank Capra

Clandestini (illegal immigrants)

Giovanni Iudice


Ignazio Puglisi


Giovanni Verga