Special projects

Special projects is the section in which Dimora delle Balze commits itself promoting the cultural vision that has guided the recovery of the estate, developing initiatives that may live by themselves.
Dimora delle Balze has the ambitious aim of presenting itself as ideas and project gather to promote and make culture, becoming in this manner a place where built valuable experiences creating moments of meeting and trustful relationships.
Day after day Dimora Delle Balze will commit to plan and support an artistic project that narrates Sicily and its tradition, with a language that crosses the borders of “picture-perfect tourism” and that expresses itself by promoting the contamination with the territory , the research of the local authenticity and respect for Nature.
The first project born within this commitment consists of a series of workshops, where guests will be accompanied in a unique reality and will live them personally.
We believe also that cross the thresholds of other cities and other projects bring growth and wealth: so during the design week part of Dimora delle Balze’s staff will move to Milan to follow the design week, where the careful attention of the estate will select best moment to share.