Bar Amore

Bar Amore is a welcome gift from Dimora delle Balze and an invitation to get lost in the baroque mood of the land that hold the estate.
Bar Amore is a project by Dimora delle Balze dedicated to those who go to Val di Noto . A collection of beauty, folklore and tradition influences. A key that invites to open up to the magic of Sicily.
Lorenzo Palmieri, the author of the images in the book, is a copyright photographer collaborating with the most important galleries and italian contemporary art locations.

A snapshot that you send as a trace, as a memory to share, perhaps as a souvenir, but not to be kept on the shelf, probably an emotional souvenir, stuck there on that thick cardboard. Lorenzo Palmieri

Taken with a single lens of 35mm, always at the same distance from the framed subjects, these photographs frame impalpable awesomeness that live in Val di Noto. What shoots is an eye that wants to understand, plumb and return on film stories and emotions in which bump into crossing squares and streets of the towns surrounding the estate of Dimora delle Balze.

Curatorial Text Angela Madesani,
Printed by Fonte Grafica, July 2018
Stiff Cover, 83 pages
Language Italian, English