Culinary Tales

with orange onion marmalade, tempura crumbs and hop infusion

The origin of the name “Turcinieddhu” means “small twisting” recalling precisely the way in which they are prepared: these are lamb entrails rolls. They have a close relationship with sheep breeding, which was widespread in southern Italy since ancient times. When the meats were slaughtered, the leanest and most valuable belonged to the wealthy families, while the peasants and the lower class were left with only the entrails and scraps. Everything is prepared the year, mostly on Easter holidays. They represent one of the symbolic dishes of tradition and numerous festivals, but highly sought after. Mostly they are cooked on the grill.

Ingredients for Turcindieddhi:
• Lamb offal (liver, lung, heart)
• Gut and lamb net
• Parsley Q.B.
• Salt from the Margherita di Savoia salt and pepper
• 1 tablespoon of liquid barley malt
• 100ml of Birra Moretti La Rossa

Cut the casing in two using a pair of scissors, wash it several times under running water and soak it in a bowl with half a lemon. Repeat the operation with the net, but without cutting it.
Cut the liver, lung and heart into regular pieces and season them with salt and pepper. Portion lung and heart in equal parts, unlike the liver in slightly smaller quantities, add a leaf of parsley and roll up in the net until it forms a roll. Then make three turns with the casing starting from the center. Leave the turcinieddhi to marinate in La Rossa beer for at least an hour in a gastronorm. After marinating, cook directly in a preheated oven at 200 ° C until slightly browned. Transfer everything to a pan, add the malt and glaze the turcinieddhi.

Ingredients for tempura di critmi (sea fennel):
• 3 criticisms
• 50gr rice flour
• Mineral water Q.B
• 1 ice cube
• 500gr sunflower oil

Prepare the batter with flour and ice, adding the water until the right density is obtained.
Bring the oil to 180 ° C, lightly pass the crumbs in the batter, fry until golden brown and salt.

Ingredients for orange onion jam:
• 1 white onion Margherita di Savoia
• 1 orange
• 20gr of sugar

Cut the onion into julienne strips, grate the orange peel and then squeeze the juice. In a pan put the onion, sugar, orange juice and half of the previously grated peel. Cook gently for 30-40 minutes, stirring occasionally. When cooked, add the rest of the grated peel

Ingredients for hop infusion:
• Dried hop cones
• 100 ml mineral water
• 1gr of xanthan gum

Heat the water to 80 ° C, add the hops, cover with cling film and leave to cool. Filter and keep the rehydrated cones aside, add the xanthan and mix with a blender. Then transfer to a bottle and put in the fridge.

Ingredients for caramelized hops:
• Rehydrated hop cones
• A knob of butter
• Caster sugar Q.B.

Take the cones that have been used to rate the infusion, dry them and put them in a pan with the butter and sugar until caramelized.

For the service:
Arrange the turcinieddhi in parallel alternating them with the critical tempura. Form a small quenelle with the onion jam and place it obliquely in front of the turcinieddhi with leaves of thyme fresco and finish the dish with the drops of hop infusion and the caramelized hops.