Curiosity, exploration, passion and attention to raw materials, these are the keywords to involve our guests in a fascinating journey towards taste, a complete immersion in the flavors of Sicily. With the culinary lab of the Chef Solaika Marrocco, Dimora delle Balze offers to its guests the opportunity to learn the secrets of the newly elected Emerging Chef 2020, where tradition and innovation come together in an overwhelming combination.

The culinary laboratory will last for three days, from 8th to 10th of May 2020.
The Chef Marrocco will offer our guests the unique chance to experience the culinary culture of the island and a complimentary dinner that will be offered by the property, where the protagonists of the dishes will be the products directly coming from the organic garden of our estate.

During the cooking class, the guests will experience firsthand the recipes of some Sicilian specialties, revisited in a contemporary key by the chef Marrocco, with elements borrowed from other regional traditions.

I am very respectful of the very essence of raw materials, the exaltation of the characteristics of the food is the foundation of everything for me. Through this, I manage to build harmony and balance in my dishes. My cuisine is emotion and story: I create without limits, but certainly starting from flavors, gestures and rituals that I know since I was a child.

Solaika Marrocco