With the culinary workshop of the chef Christian Mandura, Dimora delle Balze proposes an immersion in the flavours of Sicily through lessons that reflect an idea of ​​cuisine understood as master art.

The learning of the secrets of traditional gastronomy passes through a careful selection of raw materials and the recovery of flavours born from the influence of the many dominations that have alternated in history that have always made Sicilian cuisine unique in terms of variety and delicacy of dishes.

The workshop with Christian Mandura will last for 3 days: from 26th to 28th April 2019. With Christian Mandura the protagonists of the workshop will be the traditional dishes of the island, prepared with the products harvested in the vegetable garden of the estate.

“We only use poor raw materials. I think the biggest job the chef of the future is going to do is go around, get to know the producers. Cooking is not enough anymore. We need to know who’s behind the vegetable box, how was made, how many lives are contained in. In this way our work becomes significant, so dishes acquire added value “

– Christian Mandura